Essential Oils for Anxiety

I am coming to you late and frazzled this week my friends. With only 2.5 weeks until my wedding (ahhh!!) and a million other things going on in my life, I have been feeling a tad overwhelmed. My head is in so many different places and I’ve just been feeling like the I’m being pulled in every direction. It’s such an exciting and happy time all the energy has me buzzing; but also anxious and exhausted. After a good cry last night to release all my built up emotions I feel so much better! Trying to do it all while planning a wedding is crazy! But knowing how to support yourself when you’ve got an anxious knot in your belly is just common sense. 

Essential oils help me stay sane and “above the wellness line.” They’ve supported my ever-changing emotions and moods through this amazing and crazy time in life; and I recently discovered my new favorite blend! It’s a wonderful combination of Lavender, Cedarwood, Stress Away, Valor II and Vetiver and helps calm my nerves and fight off anxiety. I have been using it more and more as we get closer to the wedding, not because I am nervous per say, I’m just one of those people who feels anxious as events get closer. always feeling like there is something to do. I could not be more excited for our wedding (I absolutely cannot believe it’s so close!) and essential oils are truly helping me embrace the whole experience. 

Young Living Essential Oils Anti Anxiety Blend - Lyndsey Salter YL Distributor #: 3303283

Let me tell you why each of these oils is fantastic for your nerves!

Lavender: Pretty much the go-to oil for all relaxation. It’s the ultimate calming scent.

Cedarwood: Helps release painful built up emotions. Also, it is often called the sleepy oil because it helps release melatonin aiding in sleep.

Stress Away: Contains a blend of 6 yummy oils that sweep your stress away. Copaiba (eases that feeling of being hyped up), Lime (its uplifting and smells like a margarita and they certainly aren’t stressful), Ocotea (a calming and relaxing aroma), Vanilla essential oil (so comforting), Cedarwood (helps you take deep breaths!), Lavender (super calming).

Valor II: Encourages calming, balance, confidence, and self empowerment. A wonderful blend of Northern Lights Black Spruce (woodsy and invigorating), Idaho Blue Spruce (sweet, earthy and relaxing), Ylang Ylang (uplifting, balances emotions, calms a racing heart), Frankincense (grounding), Vetiver (tranquility) , Cistus (sweet and calming), Bergamot (relaxing), Cassia (helps release negativity), and German Chamomile (muscle relaxing). 

Vetiver: Know for providing tranquility. It is both uplifting and grounding and is super helpful in times of stress. Sometimes referred to as a natural xanax. 

Any of these oils by themselves can help curb feelings of anxiety; but together they are a powerhouse of anxiety busting awesomeness! With this blend by your side you can get through anything!

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